Multi Anti Reflection coated lenses

  • increases light transmission to the eye from 92% to as much as 99%
  • reduces glare during night driving and when using VDUs or computer screens
  • enhances the cosmetic appearance of spectacles by removing the ‘glassy’ look.

Spectacle Lenses
You spend time choosing frames, so why not spend time choosing your lenses?
Many patients believe that their choice of frame is the most important factor when choosing spectacles. However, a designer frame may not look very stylish if your lenses are thick and heavy, or if you have a prominent bifocal line across them!
New technology allows lenses to be made thinner, while coatings can improve their cosmetic appearance. Varifocals can be an attractive solution for patients requiring corrections for both distance and near.
We take pride in offering friendly professional advice on which lens types are suitable for you. We can even work out how thick and heavy various lens types will be in any particular frame to help you reach an informed decision.
At Rach Optometrists we pride ourselves in using the latest gadgetry to demonstrate various lens formats using iPad applications to simulate single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. We can also simulate the benefits of seeing through tinted lenses, anti reflection coated lenses and specially polarised tinted lenses.
As an independent optometry practice we can supply lenses from any manufacturer, and always keep in mind what is best for you. We are partnered with Nikon which allows us to offer you the highest quality products at sensible prices.