Contact Lenses
At Rach Optometrists we offer all types of contact lenses: Disposables, Non Disposables plus Coloured Lenses for the ultimate fashion accessory. As an independent optometry practice we can source lenses from any laboratory worldwide.
At an initial consultation our Optometrist will check that you are suitable for contact lenses, then discuss with you which type is best for your eyes, lifestyle and budget. The options open to you range from daily, 2 weekly and monthly disposables to toric lenses, bifocal lenses and gas permeable lenses.
Or perhaps you might like to consider some specially coloured or fun contact lenses, which will totally change the way you look.
We also specialise in fitting Nocturnalenses(ortho K) which you wear during your sleep and the following morning remove them to give near perfect vision without spectacles or contact lenses.
Disposable Lenses
Eye health is improved by having a fresh set of lenses on a daily, 2 weekly or monthly basis. Soft lenses tend to attract deposits which affect comfort and quality of vision. Frequent replacement lenses are thinner and therefore more comfortable.
Your prescription will always be up to date because if your eyesight changes we will change the specification of your next set of lenses at no extra expense.
Coloured Lenses


Once only available to Movie Stars, these coloured contact lenses can now give most of our patients a wide range of glamorous new looks. Even the darkest eyes can be given a different colour, and you can wear coloured lenses whether or not you need sight correction.
Also available are Crazy Lenses giving the widest range of extreme effects, allowing you to create your own range.

Non-Disposable Lenses
Unlike disposable lenses, these lenses are not regularly replaced, but can last up to 2 years with adequate care. The initial cost includes a years free Plus Plan 1 membership.
  • Soft or Standard Gas Permeable Lenses from £145.00
  • High-Oxygen Gas Permeable Lenses from £175.00
  • Gas-Permeable Toric Lenses (for astigmatism) from £220.00
  • Soft Toric Lenses (for astigmatism) from £220.00
Please bear in mind that you can expect to spend £10 to £15 per month on solutions for the above.
Bifocal Contact Lenses
For those patients requiring both a distance and near correction, various disposable and non disposable options are available. Please feel free to contact us for a more detailed discussion